• Welcome to the Department
    of Innovation and Equity

    The Department of Innovation and Equity is committed to the vision and mission of Sarasota County Schools by ensuring the highest degree of success for the systemic implementation of educational equity, district-wide, cultivating a culturally inclusive climate of belonging and dignity for all students, staff, and stakeholders to thrive.  The Department strives to empower transformative efforts, collaboratively, with the district, school-based administrators, staff, and community, with the goal of ensuring that ALL students are provided equitable opportunities to receive the skills, knowledge, and understanding to succeed according to their individual abilities in higher education, careers, life readiness and community by:

    • Closing achievement gaps and eliminating disparities in educational proficiency,
    • Increasing the recruitment and retention of high-quality, diverse staff reflective of the demographics of the district,
    • Eliminating institutional barriers to access and opportunity, creating the real possibility of equality in positive academic, and life readiness for each student and between diverse groups,
    • Continuing high expectations for all students and accelerating learning of lower-performing students by allocating and aligning resources, interventions, and programs to student needs.
    • Reviewing, recommending, and implementing district policies and procedures to intentionally create inclusive environments fostering a sense of belonging in which the dignity of everyone is honored,
    • Annually reviewing the Educational Equity Policy to ensure accountability, and
    • Responding to concerns and challenges that impact our pursuit of equity, belonging, and dignity.